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About Me

I am a data visualization expert, master trainer, one of DataIQ's Top 100 Most Influential People in Data and a member of the Tableau Visionary Hall of Fame.Over the last 2 decades, I've helped thousands of people develop great careers in data by sharing tips, tricks, and insights on data visualization, data analysis and Tableau on my YouTube channel and blog.My custom training courses have created hundreds of the best data analytics experts, several of whom have gone on to be Tableau Visionaries and Alteryx Aces. They are the best in the business.I am also a prominent community leader, author and blogger. I started the first two Tableau community projects: Makeover Monday and Workout Wednesday. I co-authored the book #MakeoverMonday: Improving How We Visualize and Analyze Data, One Chart at a Time with Eva Murray.When I'm not helping build careers, I spend time hiking with Eva and our dog Maggie. I'm also a triathlete and avid runner, having completed Ironman Texas and more than 15 marathons.

Here's what people are saying

I purchased both of Andy's charts and analysis guides. I've learned so much from him. He's helped support my career in Tableau and is my go-to source for dashboard design, charts, etc.~ Kev Esther, Sr. Data Analyst @ Phoenix Group

"I don't think it's possible to explain Tableau concepts in a simpler way than Andy does."~ Nwobodo Ifeanyichukwu, Data Scientist @ Octave Incorporations

"Andy’s content - via any platform is amazing! Useful information, relayed in a straightforward and knowledgeable manner. Whenever I need Tableau info, I seek out Andy."~ Manager, Data Analytics @ Jeeves

"I’m a newer Data Analyst and use your videos and tutorials regularly to get better with Tableau.
I just recently made a dashboard using dynamic zone visibility to switch between geographic detail and my business administrators are loving it.."
~ Ellis Guzman, Sr. Research Analyst at IDOPL

"Andy's resources helped me so much: from doing Makeover Mondays, watching Tableau tutorials, and listening to his podcast.
Andy helped me elevate my Tableau skills to take the leap of faith to change my career from public health research to data consultancy."
~ Lisa Hitch, Tableau Consultant

"I participated in Andy Kriebel’s Tableau Table Calcs workshop this week, and for anyone on the fence about trying one, sign up immediately. I was really hoping that the experience would be somewhat personal and interactive, and it greatly exceeded what I had hoped for. Andy is a master teacher, far beyond a technical instructor. Beyond feeling more confident in my ability to properly set up table calculations, I learned so many little everyday Tableau tips and tricks that have already improved my overall Tableau user experience. Wow!”~ Faith Kane, Decision Science Analyst @ H-E-B

"Table calculations were always a blind spot for me in my visualizations. I wanted to be intentional with how I used them versus the ‘hunt and peck’ method every time. Andy’s live sessions, where he encourages Q&A and interactions, helped bring the table calculations out of the shadows and now I feel confident that I can better target the right tool for the right visualization.”~ Lewis Heuermann, Adjunct Professor of Computer Science

"I really enjoyed Andy's workshop and teaching style. He presented clearly with reasoning behind why you write calculations a certain way. I appreciated all the tips and ways to validate a table calc. I will definitely be signing up for more workshops in the future!"~ Elizabeth Ford, Senior Research Analyst @ King County, WA

"Andy’s guidance has been a tremendous help to me on my assignments (or contracts?) and I am confident that I can add value to any organization’s data visualization needs. Next Level Tableau is a must for any Data Visualization designer!"~ Jane Brown, UX Generalist & Data Visualization Designer

"This content is golden! I find myself exploring different possibilities to display KPIs on an operational dashboard at the moment so your content is highly appreciated! "~ Metta Magnúsdóttir, Customer Success Manager @ twago - Team2Venture

"It's just been 2 days and honestly, I have learned a lot already, and I see the potential of getting really good at Tableau by going through your content."~ Lauretta Ngere, PhD, Data Specialist @ TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods

"Next Level Tableau is fantastic! Andy's name came up during my job interview, and guess what...I nailed it! I'm starting Junior Tableau Developer role in August."~ Aneta Mscichowska, IT Analyst


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